Gorge RDA by Advken

I stumbled across two inexpensive squonk RDAs on 3fvape.com - The Gorge RDA from Advken is one of those.

This RDA comes with a squonk pin, a pei cap (looks like ultem), and a pei drip tip... all for $25!

Favorite Build: 2x28/6ply 0.3x0.1/38 5 wrap Fraple on a 3mm
Lead Style: OVER

Although this is my first build in this RDA I do find that it produces fantastic flavor and vapor. The only downside is that because the resistance is so low you must run it from 60-70 watts to get a nice smooth vape. I will be sure to do a higher resistance build in the future but I have concerns about that because of the chuff style cap.

One of the coolest things about this RDA is the squonk post in the center of it. The juice comes up the post and squirts out the sides of the post directly onto the wicks. Most squonk RDAs have the pin at the bottom and when you squonk it fills from the bottom and then drains back into the bottle. This is one of the only downsides (if you can call it that) of this RDA. Oversquonking means your juice well will be filled with juice which has the potential to cause spit back.


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