When I first started to use rebuildable atomizers I was way too cheap to purchase the fancy coils that my local shop had in stock. After trying a few sets that others had purchased I set out to learn how to make my own so that I could decide for myself if these coils were really worth it.

I taught myself how to make Clapton and Fused Clapton style coils. I made these for a long time and was regularly approached by members of the community to help them with their builds.

Over the last year I have built several different RDA, RTA, and RDTAs. Once I was able to make Alien coils the number of people that asked for me to build for them was growing at a rate that was not sustainable for me. My primary day job as a software developer keeps me quite busy. The shop that I frequent asked to carry my coils in their store so that I could just make the wire and coils. This allowed me to spend more time building and less time driving and meeting up with people.

I can now make Claptons, Fused Claptons, Aliens, Fraples, and Fraliens. I am working on Staggered Fused and Staple Staggered Fused.

So what makes g-coils different? g-coils is about YOU. I want to build a great relationship with my customers. I want those who only have the time for round wire builds to be able to enjoy the experience that premium coils can offer. Your satisfaction is my top priority. Keeping the price affordable is my second. After all, I only started to build my own coils because I refused to pay the price for the premium pre-builts.

How do I keep the price down? Right now I am using inexpensive wire. I have found that most people don't really care what wire is used. Most people do not care how shiny the coil is. Most people just want a coil that vapes well. If I find that the more expensive wires increase productivity, make coils last longer, reduce build time, or my customers desire it then I may switch to Twisted Messed or Kidney Puncher in the future.

So what brands of wire do you use? Temco and Coil Society right now. Mostly Nichrome 80 but I do use some Kanthal for my staple coils.

How long do your coils last? I tell people 3-4 weeks. However, I have had many customers that have said their coils last 3+ MONTHS. I make no guarantee of that, though. If you purchase a set of coils from me and you feel that they did not last long enough then contact me and we can work together to make it right.

I dont understand what the specs listed are, can you help me? Absolutely! The specs read as follows.

Alien: 3x28/36 - Three 28ga core wires that are wrapped with 36ga outer wire

Fraple/Fralien: 2x28/6x0.3/38 - Two 28ga cores, 6 0.3 ribbon cores, wrapped with 38ga.

Okay so I understand how to know what gauge wires are used but what does this mean for me? Thinner gauge wire will result in less overall coil size and mass. This means faster ramp up times and coils that fit in more atomizers. For example: a 2x28/0.3/38 0.09 Fraple will ramp up faster than a 2x26/0.5/36 0.08 Fraple because of the reduced mass. Due to less mass these coils will have less heat.

What does Lead Style mean? OVER vs UNDER: Lead style refers to the way the coil is wrapped on the drill bit. I hold the coil jig in my right hand and wrap the wire around it. Over means that the coil is started on TOP of the jig. Under means exactly the opposite. Why does this matter? Some RDAs are easier to build when you do the leads a certain style. A great examle of this is the Gorge RDA. This RDA is one of the easiest to build if you wrap OVER the jig vs UNDER.

g-coils are hand made in Lakewood, Ohio.


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